Remixed: “Saying Goodnight”

So far I’ve uploaded 3 tracks to CCmixter and this loop seems to be the most popular.

Check out what Scomber did, by mixing this vocal track by GuestsOfNature, and my Saying Goodnight guitar track, to produce this song called: NOT ENOUGH (FOR ME):

ccMixter - Not Enough (for ME)

Download the MP3 here.
Stream from here.

Very, very nice.

At first I thought Scomber sang the vocals. Then later realised it was a remixed vocal track (with additional guitars in the transitions and background). Amazing how it gels together (will email Scomber if any adjustments were done). BTW, I’ve never met or emailed Scomber until I received the CCmixter alert that my track was remixed.

Yet another example of the “Social” in social media.

Remix on!


3 thoughts on “Remixed: “Saying Goodnight”

  1. Thanks Ivan for a beautiful atmospheric track. A pleasure to refashion.
    Creative commons licensing and the spread of the net is going to transform the world and how music is constructed and consumed. You are in Singapore, I’m in Sydney and GON’s in Brighton UK; who would have thought this was remotely possible?
    Cheers and Merry Christmas

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