Song: Slipping Underneath The Water (a CCmixter remix)

Inspired and impressed by Scomber’s (aka Gary) remix of my work, I decided to try out mixing stuff from CCmixter.

“Slipping Underneath The Water (a CCmixter remix)” Listen/ download the higher quality versions at ARCHIVE.ORG. The song can also be accessed from

It didn’t take me that much time to find suitable stuff in CCmixter. It was serendipitous really. First I stumbled upon oldDog’s beautiful piano piece titled “Too Quiet“. The moment I heard the first few bars, I said to myself “this was it”. Maybe I’ll just add a guitar track to it.

But then I found Kaer Trouz’s vocal sample. Wow, would I be able to mix both samples together? I’ve never tried it before.

So I fired up GarageBand, imported both tracks. Chose to set the song at 80 BPS. I don’t think that affected the tempo of the imported tracks… Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe the tweaking is already done by GarageBand.

Anyway when I played the piano track and the vocals together, things clicked immediately. And the rest was time spent editing and splicing.

Slipping Underneath The Water (a CCmixter remix by Ivan Chew)

The piano track was edited somewhat, as I wanted to insert pauses between transitions. Some parts of the vocals had to be spliced to fit into the tempo. The problem was some resulting clicks between splices (you can probably hear it). In the end, I decided it was the best that I could achieve from my abilities and equipment.

Took me about 24 hours to do this in total.

I was on leave from work. Nursing a cold.

Remixing this song cheered me up immensely!

Hat-tip to Scomber for showing me possibilities 🙂