Painting with acrylic: Still Life

From this post:
Still Life
Acrylics on canvas.
Ivan Chew. Nov 2008.

I donated this painting to my colleague. It’s now hanging in the office of the Choa Chu Kang Public Library manager’s office.
Still Life


Remixed: In a video on “Healthcare Support Groups in Virtual Worlds”

So nice of John to email me that he used myCCmixter samples — Saying Goodnight and White Nights — for his video:

John wrote that the video is part of a healthcare support room he created in Google’s virtual world, “Lively” (which is soon to be defunct though, as Google is closing it down).

Anyway, thanks John, for using the samples. Glad it worked for you.

Painting with acrylic: Still Life

[From 3rd warm-up exercise]

This was the “real deal”.

Stage 1: Pencil sketch on (pre-primed) canvas.
Stage 1

Stage 2: Applying the first coat of paint. At this stage, I was focusing on adding a single base coat, so to speak. Not blending any colours.
Stage 2

Stage 2.1: After the first coat, I decided to fill in the darker tones, as a base.
Frankly, after the first layer of paint, I was winging it from then on. Didn’t really know what to do. At this stage, the painting didn’t look good. But the trick was to continue adding layers, blending.
Stage 2.1

Stage 3: By now, I’ve got maybe 3 or 4 layers of paint (I figured that objects nearer to the front should get more layers, hence more details and textures).
Stage 3

Finished work: Final touches are the highlights for some of the objects.

Finished work
“Still Life”
Acrylic on canvas.
Ivan Chew. Nov 2008.

The perfectionist in me isn’t happy with the colour tones and blending. But I can’t complain and have to be realistic. It’s been 10 years since I last attempted painting with acrylics.

Overall I’m happy with how this painting turned out, considering it took only about 4.5 hours to complete.

I gave this painting to my colleague, who manages Choa Chu Kang Public Library. She says she’ll hang it up in her office 🙂

Rain in a Bamboo Forest

[From 2nd warm-up exercise]

This is the 3rd and final warm-up painting.

I wanted to create a Chinese Painting effect. Didn’t quite make it though. Everything looked too blurry and ill-defined.

In the end, I applied acrylic paints to give a stronger dark tone. Then flicked some green and white paint. That seemed to work. It gave the painting more substance. The blurry background now seemed like some misty backdrop, rather then the previous mass of green stuff.

And so I called it “Rain in a Bamboo Forest”, heh.

Rain in a bamboo forest
Watercolour and acrylic on sketch paper.

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Still Life

I went for a one-day art instruction class today. Kinda like a refresher.

For warm ups, we did a few quick paintings in watercolours.

This was the first one. We were given an option to do a Still Life, or imaginary picture. I decided on the former, as I wanted to see if I still remember the finer points of watercolour painting.

Still life - Watercolours
Watercolour on sketch paper.

[Image taken with my Handphone camera. The focus is blurred, for some reason].

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