The proper way to restring a guitar by Bill Baker

There are plenty of videos on how to restring a guitar. This one has clear and concise verbal, and visual, instructions.

The “three fingers past the tuner” + “make two sharp bends” technique. Looks logical. Will try it the next time I restring my guitars.

Here’s what Bill Baker did:

  1. Line up the string to the tuning post. Measure about three-finger length of string past the tuning post. Then make a sharp 90-degree bend.
  2. Turn the tuning peg hole to about a 45-degree angle, insert the string, and then make another bend (to make a ‘Z’ shape). One should be able to lift the guitar by holding the inserted string.
  3. Hold the slack and wind the string around the tuning post.
  4. Cut the excess end off the string.
  5. Then continue the process of pulling more of the string slack, and tightening the tuning post.
  6. Once all the strings are replaced, lubricate the groove on the nut and bridge.
  7. More pulling of the slack and tuning.

There are other ways of course, like this one:

  1. After inserting the string, hold the end (the one that’s past the tuning post hole) with one hand.
  2. Then with the other hand, hold the back part of the slack (behind the other hole of the tuning post) and then make a clockwise loop around the post, and over the other end of the string.

The string should be under the clockwise loop.


2 thoughts on “The proper way to restring a guitar by Bill Baker

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am actually starting out to learn this instrument and I am to use my dad’s old guitar. It is still in pretty good shape except for the strings, so I really need to change them. I do not want to bother anyone about this simple thing that is why I planned to do it on my own. This will also help me to learn things, right? So, thank you for sharing this post.

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