My Lunarin Remix #2: “Time of Apollo 2010”

[First blogged at Starfish Stories :: The Band]

My second Lunarin remix, titled “Time of Apollo 2010”. With a music video thrown in!

This music video mash-up is dedicated to the men and women of the Apollo Program (1963 – 1972).

I decided to make the music video as an afterthought, after I completed my 2nd remix (btw, the first remix, here).

Here’s the remixed track, posted to soundcloud:

In that remix, I extracted part of the spoken audio from the 1975 NASA documentary, “Time of Apollo”. Then I decided to make a music video with the NASA documentary footage.


  1. “Time of Apollo (1975)” – NASA. Public Domain –
  2. Duae Trailer 1” & “Duae Trailer 2“. Credits: Clare Lee, Jeanette Ng and Lunarin. Used with permission from Lunarin.
  3. Music remixed from “The Sky (Algiers)”. Released by Lunarin under a 2010 Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

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And thanks again to Lunarin, for making the music remix possible. They have compiled the submissions of their remixes into a digital album titled, “The Void: A collection of remixes of Lunarin’s ‘The Sky (Algiers)“. Be sure to check that out.


Rat-racing Hamsters

I took this video when I passed by a pet store. Noticed these particularly frisky hamsters that kept piling themselves onto the wheel. My wife and I found them hilarious!

Music by jacinda espinosa
2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

Dolphins Galaxia music video

After the song was completed, I decided to see if I could piece together a music video. Here’s the result:

Details over at SeaStars 2007. Thanks to Jeremy for giving me the chance to showcase the video at the Songcraft mini-concert.




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