Homemade Porkfloss Mayo Loaf

We had this for dinner.

An entire loaf.

Between the two of us.

Soft, fresh homemade bread has that effect on us.

Homemade bread - Porkfloss Mayo Loaf

Homemade bread - Porkfloss Mayo Loaf

Homemade bread - Porkfloss Mayo Loaf

My wife’s recent “obsession” with homemade bread. But I’m not complaining!

Seems that our mutual friend, O-leaf, is also on a breadmaking spree. She sent us a few YouTube links, like this one:

My contributions to the Ten/TwentyFour project – 2007

Last year, Wrkshy invited me to contribute to the 10/24 project. I’m not a photography buff. But the idea was quite intriguing — to capture the happenings in your life over 24 hours (no more than 10 images to be submitted) starting on 24 October at 10pm, till 24 hours after.

I wasn’t sure if they’d be picked (that’s not the point for me). So I was delighted when I visited the site and found one of my submission featured in the Gallery.
2007 ten/twentyfour project gallery

I submitted only 10 images (as specified by the organisers). Here are the 12 images taken (excepted for being resized, they have not been cropped or edited in anyway):

Snapped a shot of my Mac, at around 10pm on 24 Oct 2007.

Then wondered what it would look like to take a shot of myself, taking a shot (image was captured with my Macbook Pro’s PhotoBooth).
Self Snapshot

This image reminded me that I was recovering from a cold that week, heh.
Make Me Well Again

One of my wife’s teapot. I think I used it that day.

Next day, I saw this scene on my way to a meeting at the National Library.
On My Way To Work

Took a slight detour and took this shot.

Checking my schedule (something I do everyday, I realised!)

After my meeting at the National Library, I took a taxi back to my office.
Back To The Office

Another typical scene at work. As I took this shot, I realised how I practically faced the computer daily. It was almost like facing a religious altar, so I titled this “Digital Work Altar”:
Digital Work Altar

Was feeling hungry that day…
I Was Hungry

It didn’t spoil my appetite for dinner.

Finally, I took a shot from my dog’s perspective.
Dog's Life

I’d forgotten about the pictures I took, until WrkShy sent an update that the project website is at 1024.perceptionthree.net. They received over 570 images from some 50 photographers in 17 countries.

Wow. They must know a lot of people!