original_transparentbg_small My name is Ivan, aka the Rambling Librarian. I'm Singaporean; a librarian by training and profession. I took up blogging in June 2004 as an experiment, after a blogger took issue with my (unqualified) remark that blogs were platforms for "Verbal Diarrhea".I've since been proven wrong (I've learnt that your blog is what you make it out to be).

Why did I start another blog?
Some people buy cars, some people go fishing. Me? I start new blogs… Seriously though, it's an outlet for one of my passions in
life – art and other related creative pursuits. I could've blogged them over at Rambling Librarian but decided it was cooler to start a separate one. So why not my own Art + Creative Gallery Online?

Besides, when I was much younger, I told a teacher I wanted to be an artist. This is my way of living that dream.

What's posted here?
Anything associated wih my right-brained pursuits — drawing, sketching, painting, doodling, writing, poetry, and music. I take a very broad definition of "Art" (i.e. I'm lousy with definitions). It will definitely include links to stuff other than my own.

About the Art, Poetry, Music and Stuff
I’ve no formal training in much of these right-brained pursuits (unless you count weekend art lessons taken as a kid as ‘formal’). Much of what I’ve learned are from the generosity of friends, books, and those who share their knowledge online.

Inspiration comes from many sources — stuff I read, see, hear. Any feedback received on my works are most welcome. You don’t even have to be constructive 🙂

So, go ahead then — have a lark. I hope you enjoy what you see here.

Contact me
Ivan Chew (ramblinglibrarian@gmail.com)
MSN (weeping_sentinel@hotmail.com)

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~ Choices are like belly-buttons; we all have one ~

5 thoughts on “About

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  2. I have learnt A LOT for today only from your blog…Thank you.I am especially interested in librarianship, but I have found such interesting stuff..Carpe diem!
    Librarian from Serbia

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