Grilled cheese sandwiches using a clothes iron

Thanks to My Muzingz (who pointed me to this via a comment at my other blog); something related to my earlier sandwich-related post. This isn’t a blog post but an interesting webpage featuring an experiment to make grilled cheese sandwiches using a clothes iron. The conclusions were:

This experiment has demonstrated the ability of the clothes iron to cook grilled cheese sandwiches. Although this appears to have some disadvantages compared to the conventional stovetop method, it is easier to check the browning progress and avoid burning.

Contrary to Sam’s assertion (as later reported by Benny and Joon), Benny and Joon appear to have been instinctively correct in their preference for the wool setting for cooking grilled cheese sandwiches with a clothes iron. We were not able to duplicate Sam’s success using the rayon setting.

Because the weight of the iron caused compression of the bread in this experiment, we would recommend a second experiment be run using a firmer bread and, for the sake of the experimenters’ palates, perhaps a better grade of cheese.

Use of the cotton setting was beyond the scope of this experiment.

Informative and somehow funny too! Read the full entry here.

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