I want to be an Artist

I want to be an Artist.

That’s what I replied without hesitation when, in primary school, a teacher asked my class, “What’s your ambition in life?”

Did I know what an artist’s life was about? Certainly not. I was maybe eight at that time. All I knew was I enjoyed doodling and drawing; copying pictures and creating new ones. I’ve always liked drawings and pictures.

Three year old, MeAt three years of age, before I learnt how to read, I was making up my version of the Three Little Pigs from the pictures in the storybook. As I grew older, I continued to enjoy drawing but I would not have replied that I wanted to be an artist, i.e. take up art as a career. It was reinforced in me, over time, that there’s “no future” in pursuing an arts career compared to other more ‘stable professions’. And so I went on to receive a Polytechnic diploma, a University degree, and a Masters degree. Ah, if there only was a crystal ball that told them of the Internet and Globalisation and Knowledge Economies and Creative Industries.

There are, however, no crystal balls; no one can tell predict what the future holds.

But lest you think that I have regrets with the path I’ve taken, I assure you there is none. I believe we simply take the path that presents itself at that point in time.

So now, I’ve embarked on this path of starting this blog for my art and other right-brain pursuits. It’s to bring back the simple life, like the days remembered by the three-year old me.

And the child is saying: I want to be an Artist.

26 thoughts on “I want to be an Artist

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  2. I am very much inspired by the way you talk about art. It gives me a sense of hope for getting an inspiration on where my art will take me. I may be only 15 but I am going to go far, I assure you!

    – Shayde

  3. you shouldnt do art for a career. you should do art for arts sake.
    because you enjoy it
    i personly dont like art, but i finde that when i get high, i cant stop drawing, and iv made some qwite remarkable pictures
    so im takin more of an intrest in art when im not high

    everyone is an artist, they just have to open up on to the ppaper

  4. Arts for arts shake…
    you know? I was trying to make a compendium of english poetry… thinking what would the authors I passionately read and study and slightly pronounce reckon of my passion, when I thought:
    I want to be an artist, because I am so.
    I wrote it on google… just to discover…


    From Spain… a breathe of my soul…

    • LOL, Patricia! I tried the same keyword search and this blog didn’t appear anywhere near the top 10. So I guess the results appeared differently in Spain. Anyway, I’m happy to receive a comment from someone like you, all the way from Spain! 🙂

  5. Hello! 🙂
    I wrote this sentences too now. I am happy that i find this page. I dont know why. just happy to find someone who has the same problem as me. 🙂
    who is a creativ person, he need to learn more and more things and not cover himself/herself with his feelings.
    He need to learn things which not belong to creativity and this is the things which hard for people to fight with that.
    I am still fighting with myself.

  6. Ok! 😀 I wont fight XDD Anyway i am not a schizophrenic. 😀 haha
    I clicked to your name…are you making foods???
    I want to be a chef hehe

  7. Oh sorry :S i am a tipical hungarian XD first speak then just later recognise the answers which is in front of him.:D
    “We’re not preparing real sushi, of course. “… sorry :$ shame myself
    :D…bye bye!

  8. hey. simply wanted to tell that i put the words “i want to be an artist” too. i realy fell good when im doing something creative, but right now im in the middle of nowhere.. im about to chose my degree, but it’s so hard to get to an art school without ANY paintings, works etc. but i guess im gonna take it easy, just buy a video camera and try it for myself and at the same time studying some “reasonable” degree.

    • Well, the way I was brought up is that a good education would ensure a good job. As for the creative stuff, I’ve now learned that the job helps feed me, so that I can do the creative stuff to feed my soul 🙂 good luck!

  9. i want to be an artist or art teacher. i also want to be a doctor.

    i want to be able to draw and paint everyday, i want to inspire people and i want to help people too. i’m thinking of teaching art to children and adults who have depression and showing them how to let their feelings out by sketching them out on a page. you can see them then, understand them. release them. their yours. art for me is always personal in some way.

    feelings that you lock up inside are always dangerous.

  10. hi i want to be in feild of drawings and designing either textile or interior.
    i want to make my future in paintings,but i m not certified with any such course,but i m at stage of completing my education i m doing mca,,i dont want to got in IT jobs,how can i divert my line now.i dont have any faimly support toward art line.i can do beeter in art not in software industry,plz suggest me something

    • I think first you have to get a job. Even if it’s not related to the field of drawings and design. Because you still need to feed yourself. I believe one can still pursue “art” or our passion, outside the job on one’s own free time. If you have a will, then art will find the way. That’s what I think.

  11. lol..same with them, i found YOU when i google “i want to be an artist” .

    well, i think art is about create beauty, sharing,
    and an express of feeling.

    i’m so happy when i took back my pen and start drawing after a year i leave college.
    and i do study on masterpiece how they transfer a concept and feeling into visible.
    This is sharing. Art makes beauty.
    Do art for art’s sake.
    Have a pure heart to be an artist.

    nice blog anywayzz

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