My Egg + Leftover-Cheese & Chilli flakes Sandwich

Egg and Leftover-Cheese & Chilli Flakes SandwichI made this Egg Sandwich the other day, with some leftover powdered cheese & chilli flakes (the ones you get when you order pizza). Tasted quite good (come to think of it, you usually cannot go wrong with egg). It was a good way to whip up a quick dinner, and also clean out the fridge.


#1 – Ingredients:
– Two eggs
– Olive oil (1 teaspoon)
– Pepper (black is best)
– Whatever dried herds you have on hand (e.g. Majoram, Thyme, Rosemary)
– Leftover packets of powdered parmesan cheese & chilli flakes from pizza take-out (I used about seven packets of cheese and one packet of chilli flakes)

#2 – Toasting the bread:
– Heat up the non-stick frying pan over medium heat.
– Place the bread slices in the pan (do not use any oil!).
– Flip to the other side when one side is toasted.
– Remove toasted bread to plate (you may want to place a paper towel to absorb condensed moisture, or else your bread might become soggy).

#3 – Frying the Eggs:

– Mix the eggs, cheese, chilli flakes, herbs, pepper (no salt needed, as the cheese is salty enough).
– Heat olive oil in frying pan over medium heat.
– Pour and evenly spread the egg mixture into the pan.
– Watch the heat, taking care not to have it too high lest one side gets charred. The trick is to lightly brown one side, while the top part of the egg mix is cooked from the rising heat.
– You should notice the egg mixture (facing up) start to firm up (the bottom should be browning). At this point, I sneaked a peek to check that the bottom isn’t burnt (it was light chocolate brown, so that’s good).
– Once the mixture firms up (i.e. not so liquid), it’s almost done. Turn off the heat and let the egg continue to cook for a little longer.

#4 – Serve it up!
– Remove the fried eggs from pan, flip the egg so that it forms half a circle, and serve on the bread.
– If you have a slice of cheese, put that on the bread as well.

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