“Zero Two Hero” (#44: Project 365 Sketches)

“Zero Two Hero” (#44: Project 365 Sketches)
"Zero Two Hero" (#44: Project 365 Sketches)
Adobe Photoshop; iMac.

2013, Wed 13 Feb. Part of my inspiration for Project 365 Sketches came from my teacher-friend, Billy Tan. In 2006, when blogging was all the rage and Facebook wasn’t in anyone’s vocabulary yet, Billy (who wasn’t a teacher then) started his ‘52 Weeks, 52 Books‘ project.

Reading one book per month was already something. Billy managed 52 books in 52 weeks. Mind you, he read them and didn’t skim. His blog has individual book reviews to show for it.

I have no doubt that I can do 365 sketches in a year. Compared to Billy’s one book per week, my project is chicken feed man.

This one’s for you, my friend.