Podcast: “March Upon The Black”

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My first attempt at an “orchestrated” piece, something along the lines of Pachelbel‘s Canon:

March Upon The Black
4mins 59 secs

Didn’t quite turn out that way though, but not a total disaster either. There are 17 layers for this, with the major ones being the orchestral strings.
GarageBand - March Upon the Black

The String section at the top (those indicated as “locked”, i.e. with the green lock icon turned on) are the basic melody for the entire song. At certain sections, I shifted the pitch (up or down 12) for variation. I had to lock those 7 tracks; if not GarageBand kept prompting me that some tracks could not be played (lack of RAM). I guess simply too much complexity to handle. Either that or I need to add another 1GB of RAM…

The last 4 tracks are also the orchestral strings, but they played a different melody. To the astute observer, you’ll notice that near the end part, the tracks are layered and stacked together and actually they are the same track that’s copied and shifted in pitch. End effect was that I had something close to the “canon” technique, with the same tune but different tones.

In the middle you’ll see a “Rock Kit” track. That’s the track for the marching drums, which I created from scratch. There was extensive editing to have the drum beats inline with everything else.

One difficult aspect to this track was the tempo. The overall tempo was set at 110 but the strings didn’t really follow that tempo strictly (I was improvising at the beginning). So I had to extensively edit the subsequent drums and other strings to try and match the tempo. I did this by splitting the track, adjusting it to match the underlying track tempo… hard work.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: “March Upon The Black”

  1. Maybe if a tippy-tap on the high-hat was used instead of ‘hitting’ the snare drum, the sound might be less laden…Gives the backgrd a slightly sharp & pervasive sound…Kindda gives it a grouchy mood instead of sombre dat u’re going for…
    Usu a lighter percussion wld be more complimentary to an orchestral piece, methinks…

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