Podcast: Original soundtrack for my “I Am Singaporean” podcast

I created this original piece for the “I Am Singaporean” meme. It’s a background track to which I added the vocals later. This track has no vocals and has minor extras (like the bells, chimes) compared to the spoken version:

I Am Singaporean (SoundTrack) Ivan Chew 2006
3mins 35 secs

There are 10 tracks in total, mostly the orchestral string pieces:
GarageBand - I Am Singaporean Soundtrack

I started by playing around with the software track (using the “Musical Typing” option, i.e. play using the keyboard) and once I was happy with a basic underlying tune for the strings, I created other String tracks to match that underlying track. I guess you have to hear it but I’m too lazy to upload the individual pieces, so try to imagine : )

In short, I composed the piece by mucking around. Heh.

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