Max the Mini Schnauzer

This is Max the Miniature Schnauzer.


Never thought I’d own a dog. It was my wife’s idea to get one. She’s a sly one, my wife. I’d refused to get one when she first suggested. Said they would shed and mess up the place. Then she started displaying library books on dogs on our dinner table. Naturally I picked up the books and started reading, and eventually I relented (she showed me which breeds didn’t shed, and what we could do to make them housetrained).

We even thought of the same name for the dog (though for different reasons).We went shopping for a dog soon after. I remember telling myself what a weird feeling it was — to shop for a “family member” (incidentally, I have this notion one should be prepared to treat your pet like a member of the family, i.e. give it love and care and not think that you have the option of throwing it away).

When people ask me if I’m a dog lover, I say I’m not. I just happen to like this particular one.



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  1. LOL! Well, would you mind speaking to my husband? Seems his greatest concern is shedding . . .the plethora of other sundry items he deems distateful take a backseat. My response? finding the breed that does not shed.

    How are you getting along, now that some time has passed?

  2. We have a Mini Schnau with the same ears… when my husband first saw his picture, he was aghast. Now he and R. are inseparable… and when we got a second Mini (female), our house became theirs.

  3. I was in the same boat, my wife telling me she wanted a Mini Schnauzer because she had one as a child. And I tried to explain to her how it would be a bad idea to get a dog, and that didn’t work very well. We now have two schnauzers Alfie and Hannah, they even have a blog or photo gallery at where she post pictures she takes.

    I can’t say I’m not a dog lover because I do like big dogs but I’ve grown to like those two runts pretty well………at times.

  4. We have two Mini Schnauzers both female from the same litter. They are just over 2 years old. The first dogs I’ve ever had and the first indoor dogs my husband ever had. We had a cat for 12 years and once we learned that my husband was highly allergic to cats (that explains his health issues and two allergy meds) we decided on dogs.

    Looking back, house training them wasn’t too bad but at the time I thought it was terrible. They are good girls and lots of fun.

  5. I bought my first mini s. in the 80’s and was forever won over by their tenacity. I now have a female “Libby” (Leibshen sp? to love) which adopted me in the 90’s and later we were adopted by “Heimy” (Heimlich had to be a german name). They are both tenacious in their own way. Having two dogs truly shows off their personalities. Libby is more loyal than any friend I’ve ever had! Their hair is quite different from each other (just as humans I suppose) and having had dogs that shed it is truly pleasant not to breathe hair. Their eating habits are different too. Health issues have caused us to change their food and boy what a pleasant surprise. Each are on something different and have responded with better coats and happier dispositions. I love my mini’s.

  6. I have always wanted a Miniature Schnauzer, but i can never find any that are for sale. But, Max is such a cutie!!

  7. I also have 2 minis – Rocky & Adrian. Had Rocky first, now he’s almost 6. Adrian is just about a year old, They are inseparable and are always happy to see us. I chose this breed because they don’t shed and I am extremely allergic to cats. Rocky was my husband’s first pet ever. He loves them and calls them his “kids”. As with other breeds, schnauzers can have thier problems such as diabetes, congenital cataracts, and kidney stones. So glad that you love and enjoy your dogs. We do too. I can’t imagine my life without them. Got Rocky just before I was diagnosed with cancer. He kept me company during my recovery, so we got him Adrian as his companion when I was able to deal with training a new puppy. I have no regrets.

  8. wow Max looks just like my miniature schnauzer Maggie. Has the same ears- stand straight up. Too cute!!

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