“Inside a beam of light” (#334: Project 365 Sketches)

"Inside a beam of light" (#334: Project 365 Sketches)

“Inside a beam of light” (#334: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Sat 30 Nov. Indulging in a little flight of imagination here: grab a stream of white light, tease it open with a magic word. Reveal layers of geometry floating in layers of coloured chaos. P.s. No, this isn’t because of the aftereffects of painkillers.

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“Eight stitches” (#333: Project 365 Sketches)

"Eight stitches" (#333: Project 365 Sketches)

“Eight stitches” (#333: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Fri 29 Nov. Not in a mood to sketch anything. Stumbled and cut my right foot’s big toe on a moving escalator a few hours ago. Received several stitches at the A&E. But the sketches must go on, since I’m able to. So here’s a quick one. Might as well remember the event with a sketch. I’d like to think there are eight lucky stitches. There certainly was that many. I’m also grateful that ‘things’ just work around here, in that I was able to have the injury looked at and treated in under two hours. I’ll try not to wince at the (unsubsidised) medical bill though. What can I say? I suppose I can use that to remind myself to be more careful on a moving escalator.

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“Flame of the Forest” (#332: Project 365 Sketches)

"Flame of the Forest" (#332: Project 365 Sketches)

“Flame of the Forest” (#332: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Thurs 28 Nov. This young lady walked into the train and must have turned several heads. She certainly got my attention. Can’t miss her bright pink dyed hair. I thought she was like the rainforest tree, blooming red.

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“Balanced” (#331: Project 365 Sketches)

"Balanced" (#331: Project 365 Sketches)

“Balanced” (#331: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Wed 27 Nov. She was holding on to an overhead handle with one hand, and her phone with the other. The two bags could have helped in maintaining balance in the train.

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“Suave” (#330: Project 365 Sketches)

"Suave" (#330: Project 365 Sketches)

“Suave” (#330: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Tue 26 Nov. Do you pronounce “Suave” as in “wave” or “swa-vay”? In any case, he had rugged good looks, with a little bit of designer stubble on his face (though I may not have quite captured the designer part in my sketch). He had thick oiled hair all swept back, and nicely starched linen shirt. His suit jacket was on his lap. Might have been off for a job interview.

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“In a Manger” (#329: Project 365 Sketches)

"In a Manger" (#329: Project 365 Sketches)

“In a Manger” (#329: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Mon 25 Nov. When Singapore indie band, Pitch Feather, made an open call for a contributing artist to do an album cover for their 2013 Christmas album, I volunteered immediately. I love their music. They graciously accepted my offer. Based on a mood board they came up with, I sent a few rough sketches their way. We agreed on a version inspired by a 1912 painting “The Stable At The Inn” by American artist N. C. Wyeth (1882 – 1945), based on the colours that Pitch Feather asked for. I opted to use the ‘mother and child’ as focus. I figured the album image will be reduced in pixel size eventually, so too much details in the image will become quite muddled. Please check out Pitch Feather’s 2013 Christmas song cover, “Away In A Manger” soundcloud.com/pitchfeather/away-in-a-manger (thanks for having me as part of your annual project!)

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“Zen garden” (#328: Project 365 Sketches)

"Zen garden" (#328: Project 365 Sketches)

“Zen garden” (#328: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Sun 24 Nov. While doodling with a patterned brush, I imagined I was looking down on some stone steps in a zen garden. It was quite therapeutic to try and align the circles in the sand. Maybe that was how cultivating an actual zen garden would feel like.

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