“The Oracle of Three” (#302: Project 365 Sketches)

"The Oracle of Three" (#302: Project 365 Sketches)

“The Oracle of Three” (#302: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Tue 29 Oct. (Another of my made-up urban myth) There’s a train carriage where the Oracle sits. They are the Oracle of Three. Sometimes they appear as all women (or men) in office attire. Other times they could appear as a housewife, a transient worker, and a student (like this sketch). To consult the oracle, you type a message on your mobile device (email, note, sketch — doesn’t have to be sent; suffice that it’s on your phone). The oracle replies via an electronic message, always. Sometimes their message comes as an unsolicited message exhorting you to take up a loan, or to buy something that you don’t really need but want. Or a stranger who found your profile online and wants to be your friend. Or it could be a message from a friend. Like all oracle messages past and present, how you interpret it is entirely your choice.

[Sketch Club app; iPhone. #365sketches #SGmemory CC-BY-SA]