“Little Red Archer” (#195: Project 365 Sketches)

Little Red Archer

“Little Red Archer” (#195: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Sun 14 Jul. This is an art remix. Back in May, when I saw my young friend, Sean Yap’s, upload of his Frog Archer (which he got his inspiration from this), something clicked. I knew I wanted to practice on a Fantasy painting. Sean was obliging enough to send me his Photoshop files.

I didn’t dive right into it. I wasn’t that familiar with my softwares yet. I spent my ‘paint time’ on the graphic novel project and became a little more proficient.

Last week, I took a mental-block break from the graphic novel project by tackling this fantasy piece. So here’s Little Red Archer.

There are still flaws that I can spot in this piece. But since this is a practice piece (every sketch is!) I’m rather happy with it. Got to refine the use of the software and this piece also gave me the motivation to apply digital fantasy art techniques from magazines (e.g. ImagineFX).

This one is for you, Sean. Thanks for the inspiration!

[Corel Painter; iMac. #365sketches CC-BY-SA]

Excerpt - Little Red Archer

The original piece by Sean Yap.
Reference - The original Frog Archer, by Sean Yap

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