“Excerpt from Part 1 – ‘Do You Really Want To Do This?’” (#159: Project 365 Sketches)

“Excerpt from Part 1 - 'Do You Really Want To Do This?'” (#159: Project 365 Sketches)

“Excerpt from Part 1 – ‘Do You Really Want To Do This?’” (#159: Project 365 Sketches)

Painter/ Photoshop; iMac.

2013, Sat 8 Jun. Today’s ‘sketch’ is an excerpt from my graphic novelette project. This is a scene from page one. I switched between Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop to frame, paint and make tweaks. If the painting looks semi-photo realistic, it’s because I used a CC-licensed photo sourced from Flickr: “Night time” by Dimbledar
http://www.flickr.com/photos/gaz_0981/3865358557 (CC-BY-SA)

My strategy is to leverage on Creative Commons licensed materials as sketch and painting references. It’s partly out of necessity because it would take me far too long to create any substantial work, since all this is done with whatever spare time after work. Besides, I’m more than happy to release this under CC.

As I posted in my FaceBook page, embarking on this art-project-within-a-project (i.e. my 365 sketches) had me “swinging between moments of euphoria (“I didn’t know I could do this!”) and frustration (“Why can’t I get this right?!”) Such is the creative process”.

I consider the project an ‘experimental’ one, because I’m experimenting with digital art techniques, crafting a story, plus the general aspects of creating a graphic novel on a digital format. I spent a good number of hours looking up things like aspect ratios and resolutions. Then looked up comic books and examined the size of the dialog box, the fonts, the layouts.

The final work might turn out to be rather typical, as far as graphic novels go. Or it might not. Depends on reader’s suggestions and comments. The hardest part is writing the story and script. I’d like to have readers help refine the story, as I release the graphic novelette in parts. #365sketches [CC-BY-SA]