“Kevin the Pedal-Powered Hero (Polkadot Blue)” (#146: Project 365 Sketches)

Kevin the Pedal-Powered Hero (Polkadot Blue)

“Kevin the Pedal-Powered Hero (Polkadot Blue)” (#146: Project 365 Sketches)

Corel Painter 12; iMac.

2013, Sun 26 May. When I saw this upload; [CC-BY-NC-SA] from my cycling-enthusiast friend, Kevin, there was something about the pose/ framing/ mood in the picture that made me want to do a sketch. I also relished the chance to practice and explore the Corel Painter 12 software (most of the commute sketches are done on an iPhone).

Kevin’s pose with his Fatbike (a Surly Pugsley) made him look like a superhero. I’m toying with the idea of expanding this into some graphic panel series. Will see how it goes. This here is an all-outline version with a polkadot background. My wife suggested the polkadot treatment, for a supposedly neo-retro look.

#365sketches [CC-BY-NC-SA]