“Pa & Ma Seah” (#132: Project 365 Sketches)

Pa & Ma Seah

“Pa & Ma Seah” (#132: Project 365 Sketches)

Corel Painter 12; iMac.

2013, Sun 12 May. The Seah’s patriarch and matriarch. My FB friend, kw Seah, once again provided me with a source for practice: his family/ clan portrait taken during the Lunar New Year in Feb 2013. The entire portrait had 25 family members (not counting a guest and their family dog). After making two day’s attempt at ‘painting over’ the photo, I realized it would take me about four weeks just to complete all members, even if I used the original photo as an ‘undertone’. So I narrowed down to perhaps the two most important people in there, Pa and Ma Seah. This took me about one Saturday afternoon, using Corel Painter 12 Blender and Acrylic brushes. I would have liked the facial details to be sharper. This was the best I could manage, given my current level of skills. #365sketches CC-BY


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