“In Hospital” (#84: Project 365 Sketches)

"In Hospital" (#84: Project 365 Sketches)
“In Hospital” (#84: Project 365 Sketches)

Sketch Club app; iPhone.

2013, Mon 25 Mar. It’s a fact of life: our parents will grow old; they will fall ill. I hope when it’s my time, I won’t be as stubborn as my father. Two nurses, one a senior staff, simply could not persuade him to eat his dinner (he has been like that since his stroke several years back). My father also refused to eat the red bean steamed cake I bought (my mother said he would usually eat that). Then this Indian nursing assistant came along. Without a word, she uncovered his hospital dinner, filled the spoon and simply put it in front of his mouth. Firm but not rude. My father protested but swallowed a few spoonfuls nonetheless. He didn’t finish all his dinner but he consumed the entire steamed cake. Thank goodness for little victories. Thank goodness for the Indian nursing assistant. #365sketches