“The Sentinel” (#76: Project 365 Sketches)

"The Sentinel" (#76: Project 365 Sketches)
“The Sentinel” (#76: Project 365 Sketches)
Photoshop; iMac.

2013. Sun 17 Mar. I wanted to try my hand at creating Superheroes and Super heroines. So I Tweeted that if anyone described a superhero/ heroine in 140 characters, I’ll attempt a sketch.

A friend, @WengKiong, replied: “Guardian of the weak and helpless”.

Hmm, that was a tough one cos that is what most heroes and heroines do, isn’t it? Guarding the weak and helpless. OK, relatively weak and helpless against other evil superpowers.

I attempted the sketch anyway. Sketched a few ideas, threw them away, looked up some Internet references. I saw one image that was a silhouette of a caped hero (a heroine, actually) with a gradient fill and broad rays radiating outwards. I ran with that idea and from some random brush strokes, I thought I had something that resembled a superhero looking character.

Spent about 3 hours doodling this on Photoshop. It was a chance to practice some masking techniques, layering etc. Still very much a Photoshop novice, but that’s what this sketch was about: a chance to practice.

Oh, decided to call this “The Sentinel” (not original, I know) cos “Guardian” made it seem like a mascot for a pharmacy chain.