“Gleaners” (#67: Project 365 Sketches)

“Gleaners” (#67: Project 365 Sketches)
"Gleaners" (#67: Project 365 Sketches)

Sketch Club app; iPhone.

2013, Fri 8 Mar. I learned of a documentary, “Gleaners and I” by Agnes Varda, from my friend David M Silver (@davidmsilver). He’s a professor of media studies/ environmental studies/ urban agriculture, which partly explains his interest in the work. The term “glean” means “to gather grain or produce left by reapers”. Seems to suggest scavenging, poverty, or a subtle social caste? Intriguing. Go read up the Wikipedia entry on Varda’s work. In my (Impressionist style?) sketch, there’s a lone Gleaner in the harvested field. I’ve titled it in the plural; a suggestion that we, the, viewers, are the companions. #365sketches