First Work Day (#2: Project 365 Sketches)

First Work Day (#2: Project 365 Sketches)
First Work Day (#2: Project 365 Sketches)

2013, Wed 2 Jan. Today is the first work day for most people. It was back to the familiar scene of packed trains in the morning. On the bright side, the queues was orderly, which is always nice. I thought it would be a nice scene to capture as sketch #2.

I worked on this sketch during today’s train journey (mostly the ride home; morning was just too packed), a little bit during lunch break, and largely after dinner at home.

Sketched and painted this on my iPhone, with bare fingers. So details aren’t too fine.


How its done:
Created with the SketchClub App on an iPhone.

1. Outlined with straight lines, circles and rectangles.

2. Roughly filled up the body shapes as a separate layer.

3. Added the yellow lines as a separate layer.

4. Used a Brush setting to shade the background, again as a separate layer.

5. Almost done with the colouring. Decided this silhouette looked too lumpy. Painted over the edges with a colour that matched the background.

6. And then this looked too lumpy! Finished it off using the same approach as above.
Tutorial: First Work Day (#2: Project 365 Sketches)


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