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It’s New Year’s Eve today. At work, everyone was in a good mood.

What made the eves of holidays such good cheer, I wondered.

Because it’s a once-a-year event? When everyone spontaneously decide to breath a little easier?

Then why can’t everyday be New Year’s Eve or the equivalent? The irony might be that if everyday was New Year’s Eve, we will inevitably take it for granted. Like Sundays, and our dread of Mondays.

What is it about the rest of the year that makes us forget how to relax?

“Our day is how we make it to be”. I believe that. I’m aware that our moods and actions affect others, as theirs on ours.

But I’ve not always been able to stay upbeat.

And there are times the moods and actions of others just overwhelms…

As my thoughts reach this juncture, I’m reminded of this book. About the power of losing control.


And oddly empowering.

Maybe the key is realising we have more control over how we affect others, than they on us.

Thinking back on the year, I’m sure on the days that I thought things weren’t going right for me, I might have unconsciously made things worse for others.

So, some New Year’s Resolutions of sorts:

I won’t aim to stay happy every single day (only drugs can do that).

Instead, I’ll strive to be aware. And for conscious practice.

To be mindful of my own reactions, and actions. Of things that are within my control.

To learn to take myself less seriously.

To genuinely think the better of others.

To be grateful for family, friends and companions. Without expectations.

To remind myself that come what may, the world still tilts and spins like yesterday. And tomorrow.

The Little Things…
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Happy New Year, all.

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  1. Some deep thoughts you have there… I suppose it’s the mindset that when I change (how I think, talk etc), everything changes, and I see a different perspective to things?

    Happy New Year!

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