Song: Torque of Love (Part I of III)

“Torque” means “twisting force”. I’m thinking “Japanese Anime”. Like, a big-screen version of “ Ghost in a Shell” or “ Akira” 🙂

Torque of Love (Part I of III)

by Ivan Chew
2010 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike (3.0)

Uses samples from:

  • Ballistic Affairs by remaxim
  • Vibes, Strings & Drums by remaxim
  • Torque by Fireproof_Babies
  • Torque (loop 1) by i2

Stems are available at

The choir melody was drawn from the synth part in remaxim’s “Vibes, Strings & Drums”.

Then I worked in Fireproof_Babies’ drum stems, which sounded like an excellent fit with the beats in “Vibes, Strings & Drums” (after their tempos have been matched).

Cut and spliced the Ballistic Affair guitar riffs, and also pitch-shifted them, to fit the chord changes I had in mind.

Thanks to being assigned to remaxim, I had fun exploring several musical ideas from some of his excellent stems. Particularly the guitar riff from “Ballistic Affairs” and “Vibes, Strings & Drums”. This remix also gave me a good chance to work with Fireproof_Babies’ drum stems (which was the basis for the title).

steep curve to the left
Originally uploaded by uBookworm

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