Watercolour practice: Tree in a field

My wife, for some reason, decided to try her hand at watercolours. She borrowed videos and books from the public library, as well as art materials. We watched the videos together (the videos from Phil Davis were very instructive). That rekindled my interest, so I picked up my old paint brushes and paintbox.

This was my first attempt after I-don’t-know-when-was-the-last-time-I-painted.

Decided to do a tree, from imagination.

Art practice - Tree in a field (1 of 4)

The fun part was trying the “wet-on-wet” effect you get from watercolours. There’s always that randomness to how the effect turns out (I suppose experts can always control it to some extent, but not 100% I’m sure).
Art practice - Tree in a field

Art practice - Tree in a field (2 of 4)

Art practice - Tree in a field (3 of 4)

Art practice - Tree in a field (4 of 4)

OK, I need to practice more šŸ™‚

Art practice - Tree in a field


6 thoughts on “Watercolour practice: Tree in a field

  1. I really like watercolour. I actually took a class at NAFA to learn to do it properly but sadly, I wasn’t much good. =)

    • I remember bumping into you outside of NL one evening. You said you were rushing to NAFA for a class. I thought you mentioned Acrylics šŸ™‚ I think the “good” part will take time. I still get disappointed when the art piece I’m working on don’t come out the way I want to. But over time I just tell myself I have to learn to chill and enjoy the process, rather than be fixated on the outcome.

  2. Actually I was really greedy. I wanted to learn everything so I did charcoal, oil painting, watercolour painting – I like pencil sketching and watercolour the best. That said, I actually have a stack of watercolour paper and they don’t keep. I don’t know if I will have time to do any more painting (the university confirmation has come and my term starts on 4th Jan), would you like the paper?

    • Sounds like you were impatient rather than greedy šŸ™‚ Besides, I think it’s OK to learn all the stuff as introduction, to get a feel of what works for you best. Regarding the watercolour paper — they do keep for a long time, so long you keep them properly. Thanks for the offer but I say you keep it, and just remember to practice regularly (once a month is also regular, if you do it over a year). Remember to just enjoy the process and not worry too much about results.

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