Song: We Go Here

I took up donniedrost’s suggestion and tried something with romancito’s pell. Then remembered PhilTheNil’s acoustic stems. Tried a quick remix and seems to work. Decided not to overwork this remix. Instead of converting PhilTheNil’s stems from 90 to 100 bpm, I went for the ‘old fashioned’ way of editing and realigning his guitar stems to find the 100 bpm that the other 2 stems were based on.

Please credit to: “Ivan Chew –”

We Go Here” by Ivan Chew. 2010 – Licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Uses samples from:
Where Do We Go by Calling Midnight
ChaiPas (I don’t know by PhilTheNil
Polly’s song by donniedrost