Song: Not Afraid

In this song, the ‘fear’ is more of an anxiety. Which I think is often created in the mind.

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Not Afraid” by Ivan Chew. 2010 – Licensed under
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Uses samples from:
The Art Of Dying by Chris Horne
Rendez-Vous by PhilTheNil

I kept Chris Horne’s stems on my computer, just waiting for an appropriate stem to remix. Found PhilTheNil’s excellent acoustic guitar stem, and decided to give it a go.

Chris’ vocals were sung in a different key at parts. I relied on GarageBand’s auto tuning feature (which is why some parts of Chris’ vocals sounded a bit sampled), and the rest of the vocals that couldn’t be automatically tuned, I edited it manually.

For the part where the tempo slowed down, I used Audacity to change the guitar stem tempo and manually spliced and moved Chris’ vocals.

Spent a few separate occasions just listening to the mix, tweaking it here and there, checking and readjusting track alignments. And then it’s done.

not afraid (color)
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