Song: Penelope’s Stand

Penelope is the name of Odysseus’s wife, vis-a-vis Homer’s Odyssey.

Penelope’s Stand” by Ivan Chew – 2010 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Uses samples from:
Guit Riffs by Papa_Zulu
Penelope Sailing by debbizo

I listened to PZ’s full mix several times, to get the feel of the arrangement. Then used his drum track as a reference point on which parts to cut/ edit/ re-arrange. Then the guitar riffs. After getting the overall arrangement I wanted, I put debbizo’s vocals over, and when the vocals sort of sounded right at the places I put them, I left them there and started recording my guitar parts for the chorus.

Finally, worked on the sound level adjustments and effects. Split PZ’s guitar stems into different layers (depending on whether I wanted stereo, or just keep them in the middle). Applied Phaser and tweaked the EQ settings to make his guitar stems sound less ‘sharp’. Had problems with getting the vocals more upfront though.

I’ve uploaded a re-arranged bass track as well, and a Minus-one version of the mix, if any one wants to go Karaoke with it. Files can be downloaded here. To credit, please indicate & link to: “Ivan Chew –”. Thanks!

Hermes comes to Penelope
Originally uploaded by RedJinn: 42