Song: Flight of the Golden Bees

Don’t mess with these bees. They sting with righteous indignation.

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Flight of the Golden Bees” by Ivan Chew. 2010 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Uses samples from:
The Souls of Insects by jacinda espinosa
The Bees of Heaven by admiralbob77

This mix sort of evolved and strayed from my initial idea.

First I found Admiralbob’s “Bees of Heaven” stems and wanted to do a more solemn and “fuller” version, something that evokes strength and passion. But I failed to create the sound I wanted. I trashed the mix.

Then as a separate project, I started on Jacinda’s “Soul of Insects” stems. Wanted to see if I could make anything out of it, ‘cos it sounded really challenging to mix (it turned out to be so). Tried a few random instrumentation and nothing seemed to work. Almost trashed the project, but then I found a rock drum loop that seems to fit. OK, maybe I could do it like Gregorian Chant style. I was too ambitious and underskilled.

When all else failed, I plugged in my guitar to try and find the chords. And just practiced some distortion/ galloping riffs. And then something sounded like it worked.

So now with Jacinda’s gothic sounding track, rock drums, heavy metal galloping riffs, I plonked in Admiralbob’s vocals just for effects. And it seems to fit, at least to my ears.

I used Admiralbob’s piano and pad stems to create that transition from heavy to light, for the final part.

I’d like to think I’ve managed to retain Admiralbob’s original solemn & sincere treatment, with a blend of Jacinda’s mysterious sounding track, and the distortion guitars conveying the strength and power of the bees.