Song: Rock Version – How Do I Make You See

“It matters to me” originally uploaded by melodramababs. Under a CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

While I was touching up the first remix, I couldn’t resist trying out a few rock barre chords. Tried the C/G/F combination and it sounded quite catchy. And this pop rock version was born. This is one of my fav remix.

The uploaded stems (click on the Download link) include a full backing track (i.e. drums, bass, guitars). If anyone wants to go Karaoke with it, try that track.

To credit, please indicate & link to:

“Rock Version – How Do I Make You See” by Ivan Chew
2010 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0). Uses samples from: No Angel No Devil by myvanillaworld

Since myvanillaworld wrote that she sang the pell in the key of C, I tried the C/G/F chord combination. Sounded perfect, so I went along with that.

The pell was already edited and arranged from the version 1 remix. I laid a new drum/ shaker track. Then recorded the dirty guitar tracks. Overlaid that with the clean guitar tracks. To fill up the space, I recorded a (minor) lead guitar track. Did more minor edits to the pell to fit better. Adjusted the fades, volume levels and mix.

Finally added a bass track.

Tools I Used
GarageBand ’08.
Macbook Pro.

Line6 PodFarm.
Line6 KB37.

Fender Stratocaster (pre-owned; circa ’96 mexican)