Song: Of Secret Things

Discovered WillemWillem’s upload and instantly liked it. My singing isn’t polished but he did say “sing whatever comes to their minds”. I went looking for inspiration in the public domain records. The first three stanzas were entirely from William Seymour’s “When Beauty Came to You” while I took two lines from E. H. Visiak’s “Lamps and Lantern” for the chorus.

Of Secret Things
by Ivan Chew.
2010 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0). Uses samples from Quark (working title) by WillemWillem.

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* If Beauty came to you,
would you know her grace,
could you in your shadowed prison
View unscathed her face?

* Stepping noiselessly
As moving moth-wings, so
Might she come suddenly to you or me
And we not know.

* Amid these clangs and cries,
Alas, how should we hear
The shy, dim-woven music of her sighs
As she draws near,

We drank our wines
And danced our dreams
We sang the songs of lonely kings
Chinese lanterns, paper globes+
Dragon Gods in tissue robes+

We rode the beam up to the moon
And watched the jasmine flowers bloom.
Tea cups, gold pins, silver rings
Of love, of life, of secret things

She kissed me when she said good-bye

Inspired/ Remixed from poems in the Public Domain (
* “If Beauty Came to You” by William Kean Seymour (1887 – 1975);
+ “Lamps and Lanterns” by E. H. Visiak (Edward Harold Physick, 1878 – 1972).


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