Song: “Fear”, by Carrie Chan

I can’t claim credit for this song. This is a song by a talented friend, Carrie Chan. I was lucky enough to be there for the ride, helping to remaster the sound a little bit.

FEAR v1.2

The track, including the original demo, can be downloaded at ARCHIVE.ORG under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Singapore.

I’ve mentioned about “Su The Bandit” aka Carrie at my band blog.

She shared her demo with some folks over at Songcraft.

I’m not a trained music producer or sound engineer. But I know when I personally like a song (Carrie’s compositions tend to have that effect on a lot of people).

So I emailed Carrie and asked if she had a separate guitar and vocal track (thought I’d try a remix). She didn’t, but she sent the original demo.

There wasn’t much I could cut and edit, since her vocals and guitar playing were spaced closely. But I was glad it turned out that way. It was apparent that her songs requires her personal unplugged style. Too much of a studio sound would make it less “Carrie-Chan” like.

So I added some strings for the chorus, tried to beef up the overall sound by adding a Flanger effect, and also increasing the acoustic clarity to her original (GarageBand effects; not that I’m that Pro!)

Then sent off version 1.2. to Carrie. She was OK with the track being posted on the Internet, under a CC-BY-NC license.

As I said, I was just there for the ride only.

Hope to hear more from from a very talented musical friend.