Song: For My Shoogie

Thanks to panu, I learned that “Shoogie” is a term of endearment. I dedicate this to my shoogie of 10 years 🙂


For My Shoogie“, by Ivan Chew and featuring panu moon, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).

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My guitar stems can be downloaded at the ccMixter page.

For this remix, I opted for a straight-up soft rock remix, featuring panu’s lovely acoustic guitar playing. In his scratch demo, some parts of the played guitar chords didn’t sound consistent with his sung stanzas. I reworked the guitar arrangement ever so slightly. Went for something like this:

Em/ C/ D/ Bm (x2)
C/ Em/ C-D
C/ Am/ D

For My Shoogie - GB '08

I listened to panu’s scratch demo a few times. Figured out the chords. Worked out a very similar arrangement, with one or two additional stanzas.

Cut and replicated the choice parts from panu’s playing of the acoustic guitar. Added a slightly dirty (i.e. distortion) guitar track, and then a lead guitar. Put in the bass track. Adjusted the mix and mastering.