Song: For My Shoogie

Thanks to panu, I learned that “Shoogie” is a term of endearment. I dedicate this to my shoogie of 10 years 🙂


For My Shoogie“, by Ivan Chew and featuring panu moon, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).

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My guitar stems can be downloaded at the ccMixter page.

For this remix, I opted for a straight-up soft rock remix, featuring panu’s lovely acoustic guitar playing. In his scratch demo, some parts of the played guitar chords didn’t sound consistent with his sung stanzas. I reworked the guitar arrangement ever so slightly. Went for something like this:

Em/ C/ D/ Bm (x2)
C/ Em/ C-D
C/ Am/ D

For My Shoogie - GB '08

I listened to panu’s scratch demo a few times. Figured out the chords. Worked out a very similar arrangement, with one or two additional stanzas.

Cut and replicated the choice parts from panu’s playing of the acoustic guitar. Added a slightly dirty (i.e. distortion) guitar track, and then a lead guitar. Put in the bass track. Adjusted the mix and mastering.


Poem: Electric Rain Song

A composition for this instrumental piece:

Electric Rain Song
dark and foreboding
over iron grey skies.

the trees reach up
to the skies
as if yearning
for release.

if they could unroot themselves,
they might.

rumble in the distance
flash of angry lightning
a quickening
sense of urgent anticipation
electric anxiety in the air.

we dance for rain
to break
the spell.

there is a tightness
in our hearts
as we hear the heavens sing
in tune to our electric rain song

we listen to the wet
and dance our steps
and if no words come
the music will remain

its own space in life.

Ivan Chew.