1989 Hellfire (collage)

Cut out the silhouettes of attack helicopters coming in low, firing on the communications towers.

1989 Hellfire (collage)

It’s supposed to look like an AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.


1989 Road Warrior (collage)

Cut the words “AMTRAK” from a coloured page. Note: I don’t mean the American train company.

1989 Road Warrior (collage)

For some reason, I liked the word “AMTRAK”. The silhouettes of the racing cars (looking like F1s) were from other appropriately coloured pages from a magazine.

1989 (Sept) Tangerine’s Dream – Naming of the Sword

I think most Star Wars fans would notice the resemblance to Luke Skywalker’s garb from Return of the Jedi. I took a page out of the graphic novel version as practice. Substituted the light saber with a flaming sword.

1989 (Sept) Tangerine's Dream - Naming of the Sword
Ink & poster colours on sketch paper.