Poem: Pretence

[Originally posted at Seeds_o_Light]

Sitting here
Until my backside ache

Listening to my teacher talk
And talk
And talk

About “found” poems
And “poetic forms”

Aiyoh! I want to scream:
Teacher ah!
I catch no ball leh
All i know is Jack and Jill

But i keep quiet
I continue to sit

I nod and smile
And pretend
That I not stupid

Aug 22, 2004.

Wrote this during a poetry workshop a few weeks ago. The instructor, a Malaysian who lived in Singapore, was encouraging the participants to use more of their local slangs in the poems. In Singapore, we have what we call “Singlish”, i.e. Singapore-English. Some say it’s poor grammar, some say it’s not but just slang. Anyway, I used it and the participants had a good laugh. It may not mean much to you bec. of the local context.