Song for CC: “Don’t Want To Come Back Down”

This track is my contribution to the Creative Commons 7th birthday (partly encouraged by @thornet).

You can download/ stream the track at this page.

Don’t Want To Come Back Down” by Ivan Chew. 2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).

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It’s a longish instrumental track that makes me think of soft white clouds, blue skies, cool lazy afternoons… then spilling into a sudden equatorial monsoon rain. Then all is groovy again. And I’m floating, floating up and up, not wanting to come back down.

I thought it fitting to contribute to CC7, with a track made possible by the CC movement, and posting on ccMixter. Thanks to this video that led me to jaspertine’s inspirational ambient track.

To all Creative Commoners: Happy 7th.

Don’t give up
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1989 (Oct) Gear of the 23rd Century Police Force

Some doodling from my youth. Back then, these were my notion of advanced riot protection gear. They were inspired by the baseball protective gear (even the cap) I saw on TV.

Now it’s readily apparent that in the 23rd Century, these would have been antique pieces rather than advanced tech.
1989 (Oct) Gear of the 23rd Century Police Force
Ink on sketch paper.
1989, Oct.

Poem: Pretence

[Originally posted at Seeds_o_Light]

Sitting here
Until my backside ache

Listening to my teacher talk
And talk
And talk

About “found” poems
And “poetic forms”

Aiyoh! I want to scream:
Teacher ah!
I catch no ball leh
All i know is Jack and Jill

But i keep quiet
I continue to sit

I nod and smile
And pretend
That I not stupid

Aug 22, 2004.

Wrote this during a poetry workshop a few weeks ago. The instructor, a Malaysian who lived in Singapore, was encouraging the participants to use more of their local slangs in the poems. In Singapore, we have what we call “Singlish”, i.e. Singapore-English. Some say it’s poor grammar, some say it’s not but just slang. Anyway, I used it and the participants had a good laugh. It may not mean much to you bec. of the local context.