Poem: Sargasso Sea of Logic

Sargasso Sea of Logic
I sink,
Slowly at first,

Then picking up speed –
Darker and darker
Into the crushing depths,
Drowning in the Sargasso Sea of Stagnated Logic

Reeling from the straight lines
And ordered queues of everyday life

An existence so utterly and relentlessly neat
That it’s chaotic

Ivan Chew, 31 Jul 04
[Originally posted at Seeds_o_Light]

This poem was inspired from a line in the book “Zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance” by Robert Pirsig, where he wrote “… the Sargasso sea”. I was on a train, reading the book – came across the words and it just sparked off the line “Sargasso sea of logic”. Spent the rest of the journey writing the poem. There is a Sargasso Sea apparently: http://www.didyouknow.cd/sargasso.ht