Poem: August Jubilee

August Jubilee
High up in the
Sky, beneath the
Silver linings. See
Light up all your
Dreams of old and new.

— Dreams start and fade and vanish,
Like the dew of dawn in summer;
See the light of earthly fire,
Dancing free from night’s desire —

clouds break,
Pouring out the
your skin, wipe away the
Tears upon your
Gentle face.

Ivan Chew, 20 Jul, 11.45pm
[Originally posted at Seeds_o_Light]

I had FUN with this poem. Not concerned with meaning or intent etc. Basically let my subconscious take over in writing this, playing with visual pattern.

I was fiddling on the piano – wait a minute… fiddle a piano? Anyway… in order to help me remember the tune & tempo (I don’t read Notes and never formally trained, so invented my own crude notation) I wrote words to the notations.

The words just came out as I played the tune, and 90% of the poem was out within 2 mins. So I’m not surprised if the 100% of poem is
basically crap. : )

While something fun for me might this isn’t exactly my “best work. Still it may mean something to you.