Song: Old Man and the Sea II

Fellow ccMixterist, panu moonexplained that “k’laerge lomi” means “chapel at Lomi”. A bit of googling led me to a name that was related to Hawaii. Perhaps not what panu had in mind but anyway it made me think of the sea. Which made me think of Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea. I wanted to create an asian-sounding instrumental piece. So here it is. As always, comments of any sort are welcome.

Thanks to panu for granting me permission to release this under a CC-BY license.


Creative Commons LicenseOld Man and the Sea II by Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. Please credit to “Ivan Chew –“. And I’d appreciate if you also credit “panu moon –“.

I converted panu’s MP3 to AIF using Audacity. Then imported it to GarageBand. Tried to figure out the BPM to panu’s guitar stem. Finally worked out to be something between 140-ish. So I cut and spliced panu’s original stem to a new bpm, ‘cos I wanted a more even and upbeat tempo but still retain panu’s original emotive feel.

At first I wanted to create a similar celtic-sounding track but decided to experiment with a Asian sound. I tried some tentative loops and software instrument layers. Sounded right to my ears. So added more layers of instrumentation as I thought appropriate.


man + sea
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