Song: Good-night Not Good-bye II (2009)

Big thanks to MyVanillaWorld for providing her excellent vocals to this earlier track.

I got to know MyVanillaWorld at a work-related function some time back. Learned that she was trying to record her own music. So I’ve been pestering encouraging her to do a musical mash-up some time. She didn’t mind me sending her my songs, so I did.

My earlier Good-night Not Goodbye song struck a chord with her.

This song is dedicated to her late close kin.
GOOD-NIGHT NOT GOOD-BYE v2.1 Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore. Download at ARCHIVE.ORG. As long as you link back to this post, feel free to copy/ file-share/ distribute/ remix this track. Please credit to “Ivan Chew –” and the following authors:

Peace. Originally posted by .m for matthijs under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.

7 thoughts on “Song: Good-night Not Good-bye II (2009)

  1. thank you, ivan, for your beautiful music and for the magical touch you’ve given to my crude homemade recording.
    “pestering”? haha. yeap, “encouraging” is the right word, my friend. thanks for awakening the music maker wannabe in me again.

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