ccRemix: Strange Town

Wasn’t sure how this would end up when I started with urmymuse’s guitar stems. If you think this sounds like a Japanese Anime soundtrack, then I’m glad 🙂


2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Noncommercial Sampling Plus. Featuring samples from urmymuse, morgantj, yewbic, and hanstimm. For full listing of credits or to download the track, please visit the ccMixter page.

“Tokyo Lights” originally uploaded by OiMax under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

Was toying with urmymuse’s guitar stems. Managed to record a decent sounding lead guitar part for the chorus (which is what you hear in the track) but after that I couldn’t work out an opening guitar melody. So I headed over to for ideas. Found hanstimm’s “This is a strange town” spoken Japanese recording. Learned from one comment that the words meant “I’m looking at a strange town” and that inspired the title. morgantj’s track and yewbic’s Freesound sample completed the picture.



3 thoughts on “ccRemix: Strange Town

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  2. Hmm…it doesn’t really sound like Japanese anime music, but it does sound like those Jap electronic music.
    The photo does go with the music. I’m thinking “city”.

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