ccMixter remix: “Circle of Love (Thread Two)”

This is a new-agey bitter-sweet semi-rock version of this earlier version, that was inspired by the 3/4 piano of colab, with a touch of string from illusionsofsounds, and graced with the vocals from presse and Linda.

2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0). Please credit this to “Ivan Chew –“. You are free to copy/ share/ remix this under the terms specified here.

I wanted this version to sound opera-like. The mix ended up a bit noisy though. Ah well, that sounds just like love. I dedicate this to my wife. Happy 10th wedding anniversary.

“Marriage” – Originally uploaded by jcoterhals at


4 thoughts on “ccMixter remix: “Circle of Love (Thread Two)”

  1. Aw…so sweet. Congratulations to you and SW on your 10th wedding anniversary. May your next 10 years together be even more beautiful and loving.

  2. It has texture and profoundly moving sweeps of emotion.
    So yes, its great piece for a long lasting love.

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