ccMixter song: Our Heroes

This one is for all the heroes and heroines out there: Firemen, Teachers, Police, Doctors, Nurses, Army buddies, WWII Veterans, ccMixters, Social Workers, Librarians, Wives, Husbands, Mums, Dads.

Download page here. To credit the track, you can copy this block of text:

OUR HEROES by Ivan Chew [], featuring a backing track by Scomber []. 2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial (3.0).

Recorded and mixed in GarageBand ’08.
Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Standard.
Guitar effects: Line 6 Pod Farm.

This is my Pod Farm amp and effects settings:
Our Heroes - Pod Farm settings

Imported Scomber’s track to GarageBand. Plugged in my guitar and started jamming to it. Listened to the rough mix and selected the nicer parts for melody and chorus. Practiced a bit more and recorded the rest of the guitars.

Post-recording work included cutting up some parts of the guitar tracks, to quantize it and remove some buzz and noise. Then adjusted the overall sound levels. Which is always a pain.

I came up with some lyrics for the chorus part. They seem quite cheesy but I guess you have to believe in the hero or heroine you have in mind to make the lyrics work:

“They are our heroes
They are our shining beacons

They are our heroes
They seek no fame nor glory

Shine your light
Right down on me
Break our chains
You’ll set us free…”

Something like that. Feel free to add to it.


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    • Thanks dude. It’s CC-NC licensed though, since the backing track came from someone else who licensed it under NC. Self-indulgent meh? Hmm… I think more like my playing was kinda crappy and not sharp lah! Thanks for leaving a comment.

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