Alas My Love Greensleeves

My attempt at a modern-day reinterpretation of a folk classic. I wanted to preserve the bitter-sweet feel invoked by the original folk tune, with a mix of medieval new age rock.
“Alas My Love Greensleeves” by Ivan Chew. 2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0). Feel free to copy, share, remix, modify, re-post, as long as you credit to

I deliberately chose to work with fully mixed samples (see this page for details). I ran them through Audacity to change their tempo to a slower BPM (90, in this case). Also applied a “Reverse” for some tracks to play backwards.

Interestingly, by remixing fully mixed tracks that way, I discovered it’s another way to draw inspirations for melodies. When I slow down the tracks, sometimes I hear musical notes that weren’t apparent in the track’s original BPM. Maybe it’s the change in frequencies or something. Or I’m imagining all of it. Whatever the reason, I get ideas for melodies that way and would attempt to create it using another instrument. In this track, the main melody from the flute was created that way.


“Greensleeves” originally uploaded by mellsjelly.


3 thoughts on “Alas My Love Greensleeves

  1. Hi,

    I’m pretty sure you are the Ivan Chew, whose guitar riffs (Guitar stems – To Be Free) i picked up on the Creative Commons site. I just wanted to let you know that I have been making some non-commercial podcasts on speech training and using this riff for the intro and finish. I love it.

    I cite “Ivan Chew” for the ‘Music” in the credits. Is this okay? If you send me your address, I’ll send you one of the files.

    Curtis Kelly
    Professor, Kansai University, Japan

    • Hello Prof Kelly! Yes, I am that Ivan Chew. Thank you for letting me know. Glad you found the tracks useful. I prefer my music to be cited with my name and the URL this: “Ivan Chew –”. I’ll email you. Will be happy to hear your podcast. In fact, feel free to leave the URL here. 🙂

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