ccMixter: Feel It Burning

My attempt at a rock-sounding tracking, featuring vocals from Snowflake.
FEEL IT BURNING (featuring snowflake)

Feel It Burning (ft. Snowflake)” by Ivan Chew, featuring vocal and piano tracks originally posted by Snowflake. 2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0). Click here for how to give credit and other conditions.

Download and stems, here.

BURN” originally uploaded by FUNKYAH

I opted for a relatively standard pop-rock arrangement. Kept snowflake’s vocals in its original sequence (her vocals are so good they didn’t even need reverb and stuff). Tweaked her piano stems by copying and inserting extra notes here and there. Added an electric guitar track, drums, bass. That was it (as usual, adjusting the sound levels is a pain).

How I did it
Imported Snowflake’s stems to GarageBand (vocals and piano).

Listened to Snowflake’s piano sample for inspiration. There were 5 notes that stood out (which I copied and used as the refrain).

Arranged the song largely according to the original sequence of Snowflake’s vocals. Then added drums and then composed a simple bass track.

For the guitars, I toyed around with some amp sounds (through my Line6 POD Farm). Found this preset called “Stone In Love”. Sounded suitable and settled on using that. Turned out I just needed to play Am and G keys over and over… and Snowflake’s vocals did the rest.

"Feel It Burning" setup 6 Sept09

Had fun jamming to this song.


3 thoughts on “ccMixter: Feel It Burning

  1. Wow, this is good! I like how you used those few piano notes you heard in the original and extended it into a recurring 5-note riff in your version. Very haunting piece. Reminds me of something like what Faye Wong would do.

    I like it!

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