ccMixter remix: “Circle of Life (Thread One)”

Named this “Circus of Life” because it reminded me of a circus, for some reason. The choice of the percussion? Anyway, the title fits the idea that I’m trying to convey. I would associate this instrumental track with words like “dreams”, “emotions”, “beginning”, “end”, “cycle”, “birth”, “death”, “rebirth”. Not that I’m feeling particularly melancholic or anything. It just IS.
2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

I first heard colab’s “Piano 3/4” loop in Feb 2009. Those simple-sounding notes and progression (whose simplicity belies a certain sophistication, imho) really connected with me. I parked the loop under my “ccMixter Ideas” playlist for a future remix. A few days ago, in between Secret Remix #6, I worked out something that hopefully captures the poignancy I hear in colab’s piano sample. Serendipitously, I also found _ghost’s 2006 upload, which had the right feel I wanted to create.

The track is subtitled “Thread One” because I’m working on a second version to this. I’m having so much fun with colab’s piano sample.


The green Circle of Life“, originally uploaded by The Artifex.


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