ccMixter Secret Remix #6 – Furious Sonic Surfer Crash

ccMixter Secret Remix #6

And here’s my contribution titled “Furious Sonic Surfer Crash“, featuring samples from DFF_Sound_System.
2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

The title was inspired by a phrase that popped up in DFF’s “Hornet” track. I could be wrong but it sounded like “launching a furious surfer crash”. So I ran with that idea to come up with a techno-style track.

For this Secret Remix assignment, I challenged myself to use only samples from whom I’ve been paired with. In the end I cheated a little bit. Maybe 10% was some generic drum loop from GarageBand. But everything else was sampled from DFF’s uploads.

I gave myself a few days to go through DFF’s uploads. Started with the 8-bit disco stems, as those had some prominent repeating themes. Then I went through a trial and error process of downloading all the other uploads, running them through Audacity to change the track tempos to 90 BPM. For some tracks, I applied Compression and miscellaneous effects (e.g. reversed the track). Imported the tracks to GarageBand, tried to see where they could fit in, cut and moved the pieces around. Then adjusted the sound levels.

Wasn’t quite sure if I could pull off a decent sounding techno track. But once I got into the remixing groove, I didn’t have time to question my lack of experience and simply enjoyed the process.

I highly recommend the Secret Remix for anyone who wishes to push their own musical boundaries in a non-competitive way.

BTW, this was my contribution for the previous round.